Get Your Baby Safe Toys

Babies love to play with toys, but you should make sure that they are not dangerous.

Choose toys carefully

Don’t let your baby play with toys like balloons, muscle figures, coins and anything small. Balloons especially, if they are burst, may cause suffocation. Stay away from toys such as pistols, rifles, loudspeakers, cord and long strings and small magnets. Remove the plastic packaging and labels of the new toys and make sure that the ornaments on the toy and the small parts such as the eye, the wheel and the button are securely fastened. Check the baby’s toys regularly to see if their small pieces are loosened, sharp corners, and mechanical parts where the child can pinch his finger, hair, and clothing.

Keep toys with small particles in a safe place

If you have a bigger child, there might be toys in your home that are made from small pieces that your baby can easily swallow. Collect such toys and games and keep them at a distance. If your older child wants to play with such toys, make sure he/she plays in a closed place and collects all the pieces after the work is done.

Watch out for electronic toys

Do not allow small children to play with used electronic toys. Make sure that the battery compartments are tightly closed. If the battery is running, be sure to prevent the child from reaching it.

Stay away from the walkers

A small child may fall from the walker or walk down the stairs in it. If you want to get a walker, make sure your baby uses it under your supervision.

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  • by Wajiha Arsalan Posted December 18, 2018 11:33 am

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